Keep home and properties safe from gas leakage and explosions with this "LPG GAS DETECTOR APPLIANCE"

You do not have to smell your gas for leakage any longer; Our New and Effective "LPG Gas Detector" will detect even the slightest leakage of gas and alert you immediately before any hazard occurs.

Gas Leakage is one of the Major causes of Fire Outbreaks in our homes; but we often neglect it because we do not physically see the gas leaking. This new LPG Gas Dectector is designed to help guard against fire incidents which could have been avarted. Its is one thing to be informed and it is another thing to do the needful.

Let me guess; you probably did not know before now that there is a device that detects and alarms wherever there is Gas Leakage.

Now that you know, it is wise that you take a step to prevent Future incidents.


  • Loud Sound Warning Alarm:This gas detector will send out loud alert when gas leaking and concentration reaches alarm level.
  • Durable & Widely Applied:This gas detector is more durable , and anti-corrosive. Wipes clean easily. Widely used in restaurant, hospital, hotel, oil factory, garage, gas station etc.
  • Detect Multiple Gases: This gas detector is suitable for detecting LPG(Methane), natural gas, coal gas, gas fuel, artificial gas, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas etc.


  • Power indication: green light, power on, when the alarm goes out.
  • Alarm indicator red light,flashing when alarm.
  • The LPG Gas Detector with Alarm has a gas sensor in its circuit; which smells and detecs combustible gas in the air.
  • It works on Regular 220v AC Power Supply.
  • When you switch on the device, the green light blinks for 2 to 3 minites before its stable; which means the sensor is active.
  •  As soon as it detects high volume of Gas Leakage for about 5 seconds, the device makes a very LOUD SOUND Alarm while the RED light comes on.

Installation Method: 

  • Mounted on the wall or cabinet, within 2 meters radius far from gas source,about 30cm above the ground for LPG or about 30cm below the ceiling for coal gas and natural gas use.
  • Do not install the gas detector in outdoor. 
  • Do not install it in the air vents air quantity Liquidity big places. 
  • Do not install in damp places. 

Regular Testing:

  • Every month with lighter gas into the gas hole, 5 - 8 seconds after the alarm should immediately sound and light alarm, indicating that the alarm works normally.
  • Please always remove dust and grease near the air inlet to prevent air holes from blocking.
  • Press the test button to simulate alarm and check whether the alarm is in good condition.

Handling Methods for Alarm:

  • Please immediately open the door and Window to ensure the flow of air, turn off the harmful air source, do not open or close any electrical switch at this time, in order to avoid the spark ignition gas combustion or explosion.


  • 1 MANUAL


The LPG GAS LEAKAGE DETECTOR includes(LPG Detector and the Manual). The Lpg gas detector is now available at a price of #18,000  instead of #31,000


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