Great interview of the famous CHINA Rheumatologist


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Dr. CHONG YONG YEOW of the world-famous CHINA center for rheumatology and neurology

"There is only one cause of joint diseases, and that is completely ignored by Ghana doctors."

Dr. CHONG YONG YEOW: "in Ghana, doctors still treat sore joints with outdated and ineffective medications that require constant use throughout life. Whereas in CHINA, joints are easily healed in one week."

This year Dr. CHONG YONG YEOW visited Ghana to exchange experience with his Ghanians colleagues. He was horrified by what he saw in Ghana. According to Dr. CHONG YONG YEOW, rheumatology in Ghana was stuck in the middle of the last century.

Dr. CHONG YONG YEOW, thank you for agreeing to the interview! You recently said that what you saw in GHANA shocked you. Could you comment on this?

I will say right away that I have a great attitude to your country, to your culture and people. But the state of your medicine is really shocking for CHINA doctors. Your medicine is at least 30 or 40 years behind. In any case, in the treatment of diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system.

Those medicines that your doctors offer to treat joints only removes the symptoms of the disease-pain, inflammation, swelling. Imagine what is happening at the level of the body. When a person takes these medications, the pain goes away. But as soon as the remedy ceases to work, the pain immediately returns. And pain is an important signal, because it signals that a destructive process is taking place in the joint. Taking regular painkillers will not cure your joints in any way. The process of destruction is accelerated 5-7 times and ultimately leads to irreversible changes and disability.

Your doctors and pharmacists are just crippling people! It is clear that it is very profitable to constantly sell pain relief products at high prices. But it is better to cure the disease once and for all, to restore the collapsing joint, but you do not do this!

- What is the situation with joint treatment in CHINA?

- In CHINA, painkillers are used only in extreme cases, very carefully and rarely. All CHINA doctors have long understood that it is necessary to eliminate not just joint pain, but the causes of this pain. This is the key to easy and fast treatment. What is the main cause of joint damage? This is the deposition of salts due to circulatory disorders in the joints and spine.

For example, Urate salts of uric acid and the cause of gout development. And osteophytes-calcified salts, are the cause of 96% of other diseases of the joints and spine. All types of arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism and any hernia. All these diseases have one cause – deposits of osteophytes.

Salts, deposited on the surfaces of joints, begin to destroy tissues-bones and cartilage. Growing, salt crystals begin to injure muscle tissue, tendons, blood vessels and capillaries, thereby causing large inflammation, swelling and severe pain.

To ensure that the salts accumulated over the years are removed from the diseased joints, CHINA doctors first restore blood circulation in the joints. This, in turn, restores normal synovial fluid circulation and starts the process of joint tissue repair. Human joints are very regenerative, they can quickly recover, like the tail of a lizard. You just need to help them a little in this - free them from the" stuck " salts and the process will go on its own.

Human joints are very regenerative, they can recover independently, like the tail of a lizard. You just need to help them a little in this - free them from the" stuck " salts and the process will go on its own.

- How are joints" cleaned " in CHINA?

- Today there are special compounds that are designed to clean the joints from salt deposits. They contain alpha-atropisol. For example, one of the best sredst is COUNTERPAIN. This cream contains alpha-arthroferol in a special, easily digestible form, due to which the product has increased effectiveness.

An important advantage of COUNTERPAIN is that It contains a complex of systemic Arthro-vitamins, macro-and microelements designed to improve the functioning of joint tissues. That is, it has a comprehensive healing effect on bone and cartilage tissues, synovial fluid, muscle fibers, ligament and tendon tissues. The entire possible range of coplex effects is an amazing cream. It contains more than 50 natural ingredients. It easily and quickly restores cross-circulation in the joints.

- What advice would you give to people with joint problems living in Ghana?

Ordinary people, especially people over the age of 40, suffer the most from the backwardness of Nigeria medicine. It's not their fault, it's just the way the healthcare system works.

But fortunately, there is a way out. We have agreed with The Rheumatology Center to sell this product to all residents of Ghana who have problems with their joints. A special official website has been created, with the help of which any resident of Ghana can get COUNTERPAIN

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• Take a hazelnut colored cream on your hand.

• Massage the affected area for 15 minutes until absorbed.

• Do not stop the massage after absorption.

• Massage in a circular application.

• Use once a day regardless of the weather.

• Use to continue the same for 1 month.

• Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

• Avoid contact with eyes.

• Keep out of reach of children from 0 to 6 years old.

• Do not stay in windy and gazelle environment


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